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Getting Started with Stackle

Welcome to Stackle, if you are new here. A core principle of our platform is to ensure that our products are user-friendly and efficient. For every area within Stackle, we have designed a “What is…” page, which serves as an excellent starting point for familiarizing yourself with the various components of Stackle.

Frequently Asked Questions


  • What is the difference between an Author and a Lead Author?

    There is very little difference between the two roles. Lead Authors are able to:

    • Add Authors 
    • Adjust Authors roles
    • Clear responses created by Participants
    • Delete the Stack
  • Can I add an Author to my Stack that isn’t in my Workspace?

    Yes. You can add anyone that has been added to your Stackle Organisation to your Stack. If the member you are adding isn't part of the Workspace your Stack is in, they will be able to access it through the "Shared with Me" on the Stack selection page.

  • Who can I add to my Stack as an Author?

    If you are a Lead Author in your Stack, you can add anyone that has been added to your Organisation as a member. If you cannot find a member when trying to add them, they either have been added to your team already or are not a currently added to Stackle as an Organisation member.


  • How do I see a Workspace that I’m not a member of?

    If you need to access a Workspace, you will need to talk to the leader of that workspace. If they decided to do so, they can add you to that workspace. Alternativly, you can have a lead author add you to any stack regardless of workspace membership. To see if you have access to a Stack you've been added to in this way see here for details.